Erhard Schöndorf
Alternative practitioner and engineer

Well-being and freedom from pain through stimulation of metabolic disposal!

Schöndorfstrom - Therapy

Unique in effect and application: A highly effective bioelectrical therapy to relieve the tissue of pain- and inflammation-triggering metabolic substances.

Some possible applications

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The novelty

Behind chronic pain and movement restrictions in the musculoskeletal system up to functional organ dysfunctions, chronic inflammations as well as almost unsolvable adhesions and hardenings in muscles, fasciae, tendons, ligaments, joints and nerves are often hidden.


The goal of Schöndorfstrom therapy is to promote the disposal of metabolic residues, calcium deposits and inflammatory mediators by stimulating the circulation of blood and tissue fluid. The tissue can recover and progressive damage to the intervertebral discs and joints can be stopped.

The patents

Two inventions, which have been recognized as patents, form the basis for a new therapy method that has proven to be an extremely effective aid in clinics and practices for problems of the entire musculoskeletal system, especially the spine ,intervertebral discs , joints, muscle and connective tissue . Mode of operation and effect are not comparable with conventional techniques.


Patent therapy stream

The Schöndorfstrom therapy device SET III was developed with the aim of making better use of the experience gained in electrotherapy as well as the scientifically proven therapy possibilities of galvanic and diadynamic impulse currents.


Patent step automatic

With the aid of the Schöndorfstrom step-by-step automatic system, it is possible for the first time to act deeply and extensively on the entire treatment area. In this way, tissue structures of the entire spine and joints can be treated that were previously difficult to reach. The step electrode can be used in a wide variety of ways, including treatment of the spine, ligamentous system, shoulder girdle, pelvic musculature, abdomen or legs. The large-area mode of operation, in which pleasant electric levitation waves run gradually along the spine, is spontaneously perceived as very relieving and beneficial.

Some advantages for you as a therapist

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Your advantages as a patient

Schöndorfstrom therapy has already helped many people who were actually considered to be out of treatment. Relief from chronic pain alone is a tremendous increase in quality of life. The application is painless, pleasant, skin-friendly and risk-free.
“I feel good again.”
is a statement we hear from many patients.

Why not consult a therapist for advice? We will be happy to give you the name of a practitioner in your area.

Treatment indications on the musculoskeletal system

The following applications on the musculoskeletal system are particularly effective:


Cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, muscle and connective tissue, fascia, ligaments, tendons and intervertebral discs

Muscle groups

Hard to reach and hardened muscle groups, spine, shoulder girdle, pelvic floor, etc.



Capsular tissue, muscle and connective tissue, shoulder-arm tendon, calcification, tendon hardening.


Leg swelling and lymphatic congestion, venous muscle pump or calf muscles.

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The Schöndorfstrom Therapy

Between 12 and 15 million people in Germany suffer from chronic pain. Chronic inflammation is very often behind this pain. Hardening and adhesions in muscles and fascia or tendons are also a common cause. In most cases, drug therapies help little or not at all, or they are accompanied by severe side effects and addictive behavior. Manual physical therapy or exercises also reach their limits in many patients. The pain provides a massive deterioration in the quality of life. Many everyday things can no longer be accomplished, many people withdraw and suffer from depression. Some even have to give up their profession.

But a new therapy method provides hope: Schöndorfstrom therapy can provide help. It is a novel procedure in pain therapy.

The goal of Schöndorferstrom therapy

The aim of Schöndorferstrom therapy is to stimulate the metabolism with the help of small electric shocks. Metabolic residues are disposed of, and inflammatory mediators are promoted by circulation of blood and tissue fluid. The tissue can recover with the help of Schöndorfstrom therapy, pain decreases progressively until, ideally, it disappears completely. Progressive damage to intervertebral discs and joints can be stopped.

The Schöndorfstrom device

The center of the treatment is the Schöndorfstrom device. The therapy device SET III was developed by the alternative practitioner and engineer Erhard Schöndorf. In the device he combines the advantages of electrotherapy and the scientifically confirmed therapy possibilities of galvanic and diadynamic impulse currents. The device has a patented step automatic, which for the first time can be used to act deeply and extensively on the entire treatment area. In this way, tissue structures and joints that were previously difficult for therapists to reach can also be treated effectively. The gradual application is perceived by patients as relieving and very beneficial. With the help of the Schöndorf current, a rhythmic and constantly changing movement of the ions and protein molecules in the tissue is triggered. This triggers positive processes of osmosis and diffusion. Deposits and residues of the metabolism are mobilized. If the Schöndorfstrom is used regularly, excellent therapeutic results can be achieved. The mode of operation and the effect of Schöndorfstrom therapy cannot be compared with previous procedures and techniques and is therefore completely new.

Application areas

The application possibilities with the Schöndorfstrom are very versatile. Thus, the device can be used for muscle, joint and nerve pain. It can find its use in vertebral body displacements or in the therapy of the spine, joints, abdominal plexus and intervertebral discs. Other uses include liver and kidney problems, chronic muscle spasms, atlas vertebrae displacement, hypothyroidism, leg pain or lymphatic congestion.

For whom is the device suitable?

The Schöndorfstrom device has been developed for physiotherapists and pain therapists who are looking for an efficient treatment method that can also help patients who are already considered to be out of treatment. Therapists can expand their range of treatments, attract new patients and make a name for themselves as successful pain relievers. If I have aroused your interest in Schöndorfstrom Therapy, you should not hesitate to contact me. I will advise you comprehensively about the device. Of course, after purchase, you will receive comprehensive instruction on the device and information on how it can be used for a wide variety of ailments.

Schöndorfstrom is already being used successfully in many practices, and more and more patients are benefiting from the advantages of Schöndorfstrom therapy!