Schöndorfstrom Therapie

Erhard Schöndorf
Alternative practitioner and engineer

Dorn therapy & Schöndorf current

Novelty step electrode for mobilization of deposits and metabolic residues

Vertebral displacements cannot be corrected by Schöndorfstrom therapy alone. Here, the Dorn technique has proven to be very effective because of its harmlessness in combination with the Schöndorfstrom therapy.

This combination is particularly helpful in cases of damaged discs or hardening and shortening of the ligaments, which have led to pain and functional disorders.

In the case of muscle, ligament and tissue hardening, the affected tissue is gradually pre-treated along the spine with Schöndorfstrom therapy. The tissue relaxes and the muscles unclench. The Dorn therapist can now successfully perform the return of displaced vertebrae with much less effort.

If there is damage to the intervertebral discs, this combination is the safest therapy so as not to aggravate previous damage, since no jerking or twisting techniques are used.


The Dorn therapy & Schöndorfstrom – effective banishment of back pain & muscular complaints.

The back is a complex system of muscles, tendons, ligaments and vertebrae. Functional disorders and – often associated with them – pain can result from unconscious incorrect posture, inner tension due to physical or emotional stress or due to an accident. A simple massage or sports are often not enough as an effective form of therapy. A good approach to release the muscle stiffness and eliminate pain in the back as well as in the muscles can be provided by Dorn therapy. Furthermore, the therapy according to Dorn can also be a suitable solution for chronically aching back muscles. In addition to Dorn therapy, Schöndorfstrom therapy also has pain-relieving added value up its sleeve. As alternative practitioners we offer you the Schöndorfstrom therapy. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the Dorn therapy with us.
What distinguishes the therapy according to Dorn and in what way can a Schöndorfstrom therapy serve you well? Both forms of therapy are presented in this overview with their respective principles.

The Dorn therapy – the principle of spinal therapy simply explained

The therapy according to Dorn is a manual therapy, which is about releasing blockages in the back. These can be blockages in the spine, but also blockages in the joints. We perform the mobilization technique with targeted hand movements and yet very gently. As a patient, you actively participate in the therapy. This may look like swinging your arm on the side of your body opposite the blockage. In parallel, we unblock the blockade. We treat different areas such as the cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine. Depending on the area of blockage, we perform the therapy while standing or sitting. In this way, the vortices can be realigned as they exist in their original state. The therapy takes its name from the inventor – sawmill operator and farmer Dieter Dorn – and is particularly related to pelvic obliquity.

Schöndorfstrom therapy – the principle of metabolic disorder therapy presented in an understandable way

In addition to Dorn therapy, you can also make use of Schöndorfstrom therapy with us. It is a bioelectrical form of therapy that can be used for functional disorders based on metabolism. The aim of Schöndorfstrom therapy is to relieve the tissue of metabolic substances that cause inflammation and pain. Many inflammations are often chronic in nature and are based on adhesions of fascia, ligaments, tendons, nerves, muscles and joints. Once metabolic residues, calcium deposits and mediators that cause inflammation have been eliminated, blood can circulate more optimally and tissues are supplied with fluid more effectively. If it recovers, the joints and intervertebral discs are relieved. Schöndorfstrom therapy can also be used in cases of displacement of the atlas vertebra, chronic muscle spasms and pain in the legs caused by congested lymphatic water. We would be happy to advise you on other possible applications in a personal meeting.

Dorn therapy & Schöndorfstrom therapy performed by the alternative practitioner

In many cases, a combination of a Dorn therapy in conjunction with a Schöndorfstrom therapy is suitable. A gradual pre-treatment is conceivable with the Schöndorfstrom therapy. In the process, the tissue is first loosened. Thus, less force is required for the subsequent therapy according to Dorn. This makes the therapy even a little more pleasant for you as a patient. In the case of disc damage, a combination of both forms of therapy is generally recommended.
Before we start a treatment with one of the therapy forms or both with you, we have a personal consultation. This allows us to respond exactly to your needs and help you in the best possible way.

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