Schöndorfstrom Therapie

Erhard Schöndorf
Alternative practitioner and engineer

The treatment with solid electrodes

The fixation

Fixation solar plexus

for vegetative spasms with effects on stomach, gall bladder, pancreas and intestines

  1. Treatment 15 minutes
  2. Intensity pleasant
  3. Rhythm long
Plexus solaris

Fixation abdominal plexus

for vegetative spasms with effects on bowels, bladder, etc.

  1. Treatment 15 minutes
  2. Intensity pleasant
  3. Rhythm long

Fixation thymus gland with immune deficiency

  1. Treatment 10 minutes
  2. Intensity pleasant
  3. Rhythm long

Fixing thyroid gland in thyroid disorders, also for stimulation in obesity.

  1. Treatment 10 minutes
  2. Intensity pleasant
  3. Rhythm long calming, rhythm short stimulating

Combination treatment fixation and kinesia for tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel)

  1. Treatment 10 minutes fixation, 5 minutes kinesia
  2. Intensity pleasant
  3. Rhythm long for fixation, short for kinesia

Combination treatment for leg discomfort with circulatory disorders and lymphatic congestion in the leg.

  1. Treatment 10 minutes fixation (sole of the foot to the lymph nodes of the groin or treatment of both feet at the same time).
  2. Treatment 10 minutes kinesia
  3. Intensity pleasant
  4. Rhythm fixation long, kinesia short

Fixation knee joint

One electrode is placed below the kneecap and the counter electrode in the back of the knee.

  1. Treatment 10 minutes
  2. Intensity pleasant
  3. Rhythm long

Fixation colon to stimulate the large intestine

  1. Treatment 10 minutes
  2. Intensity pleasant
  3. Rhythm long

Treatment with fixed electrodes at Schöndorf-Therapie in Wadgassen

For therapy treatment with Schöndorfstrom, we apply fixed electrodes to the corresponding areas of complaint. A light current flows through them in a long rhythm with beneficial effects on tissues, muscles, joints and ligaments. Many patients of our healing practice were previously considered out of treatment and are now finally experiencing a better quality of life again through significantly alleviated complaints.

Explanation of treatment with solid electrodes with Schöndorf current

The principle of Schöndorfstrom treatment as a therapy for tissues and joints is effective and simple. Well-dosed current in patented step automation acts on treatment areas in tissue structures of different depths. This results in stimulation of blood and fluid circulation in the body. This loosens adhesions and hardening in the stimulated area, for example the fasciae, ligaments or muscles. Many chronic, inflammation-related complaints can be relieved painlessly in this way. Many patients who were already considered to be out of treatment with conventional treatments thus experience relief again and, in the long term, a significant improvement in mobility and quality of life.

Procedure of treatment of targeted areas of the body

Treatment with fixed electrodes on the solar plexus releases vegetative spasms and thus relieves the stomach, intestines, gall bladder and pancreas.
A little lower lies the abdominal plexus, whose electrode treatment is beneficial for the bladder and intestines.

Other possible fixations in Schoendorf therapy include:

  • Thymus gland to strengthen the immune system
  • Thyroid gland for normalization of thyroid function
  • Carpal tunnel(combined therapy with fixation and kinesia)
  • Lymph nodes groin and sole of the foot for discomfort, lymphatic problems and circulatory disorders in the leg.
  • Knee joint for inflammatory joint complaints of the knees
  • Large intestine for intestinal sluggishness

Before starting treatment with therapy by Schöndorfstrom, we clarify exactly which therapy attempts have been made so far and where other medical professionals suspect a possible cause. We then conduct our own examinations again. Even after therapy, we remain your expert healing practice at all times as consultants and for follow-up visits.

Treatment for the therapy of temporary & longer-term complaints

Better than the last option of therapy and treatment with Schöndorfstrom is a timely visit to our practice. The earlier a chronic complaint is clarified and resolved, the easier it is for the former, symptom-free well-being to return. The Schöndorf therapy is suitable for all patients with the complaints described above as well as with currently unexplained complaints. You do not have to accept even slight pain as an unavoidable permanent condition. Moreover, by the pure effect of the well-dosed current in long rhythm, you avoid possible interactions that sometimes pose a risk in the case of medication administration. This already means a permanent relief for your metabolism.

Consultation on Schöndorf therapy as treatment with fixed electrodes & book appointment

We need some advance notice for therapy treatment. Therefore, we ask you to request an appointment as early as possible. First, we clarify the current complaints, their severity and how long they have existed. At the same time, we consult with previously treating physicians about medications and possible contraindications. This comprehensive history is important for unqualified success. Once we have all the information, we will educate you on the treatment of therapy specific to one or more areas of discomfort. On average, a long rhythm treatment lasts ten minutes. The patients of our healing practice describe the intensity of the Schöndorf current as pleasant. By decongesting and stimulating fluid circulation, an improvement in your general well-being and a clearly noticeable alleviation of discomfort occurs quickly.

Would you like to learn more about Schöndorfstrom’s treatment with solid electrodes? Call our healing practice Schöndorf-Therapie in Wadgassen or make an appointment for a consultation by e-mail!