Erhard Schöndorf
Alternative practitioner and engineer

Tension & muscle stiffness

Behind chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system up to functional disturbances of psyche and well-being often hide long built up, almost unsolvable adhesions in muscles, fasciae, tendons, ligaments, joints and vegetative nerves. Conventional therapies reach their limits here.

Body's own glue in the blood

Fibrin is a glue produced naturally in the body that sticks wounds together like a net in the case of open injuries. Its precursor – the blood coagulation factor fibrinogen – is formed as a protein in the liver and is found in dissolved form in almost the entire body. Nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise, prolonged standing or sitting at work, posture disorders, relieving posture or poor circulation of blood, lymph and tissue fluid can cause the accumulation of metabolic residues that also trigger fibrin clotting. Muscle stiffness, pain attacks, but also disturbances of the psyche and well-being are possible consequences. Mobility is restricted. Fascia, tendons and ligaments shorten and harden. Intervertebral disc and cartilage tissue of joints is no longer properly supplied. Fitness or muscle training at this stage usually leads to an aggravation of the symptoms, as the muscles harden almost irreversibly and painfully (Prof. Dr. med. Pauli, University of Mainz). Also, the immune system may react with inflammation.

Carryover damage

At first, proven methods such as heat, massage, pressure techniques, and injections help, but the adhesions still get stronger. In addition, most patients only ever have the acute pain phase treated, thereby carelessly prolonging problems until damage to intervertebral discs, joints and organs is detectable. Health insurance companies also point out that orthopedic conditions cause the most sick leave and costs.


If used in time, the invention of the SCHÖNDORFSTROM therapy leads to amazing successes, as it is suitable to have a releasing effect on tensions, congestions and hardenings in the tissue.

Part of the SCHÖNDORFSTROM therapy are two high-tech inventions that were recognized as patents in 2015:

One invention includes a physiologically adapted therapeutic signal that uses the effect of electrolysis to dissolve hardening and metabolic residues in tissues. The other invention includes an application method for deep and large surface treatment with enhanced stimulation of tissue disposal processes.

Successful indications

Effective therapy results are achieved in the case of pain caused by muscle hardening in the area of the entire spine, in the case of movement restrictions, in the case of hardening and shortening of fasciae, tendons and ligaments, in the case of insufficient joint lubrication caused by hardened capsular tissue, in the case of vegetative nerve and organ disorders as well as in the case of lymphatic congestion in the abdominal and leg areas.

The SCHÖNDORFSTROM therapy method is suitable for pains and disorders of well-being caused by hardening, tension and congestion in the tissues. Patients report soothing relief and the reduction of swelling in the abdomen and legs.

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