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Wellness Health Training

Well-being for back, abdomen & legs

Exercise promotes health, performance and well-being

Wellness health training is a combination of relaxing wellness treatment and swinging movement training. It begins with a soothing spinal wellness for physical relaxation and recovery, followed by specially designed gymnastics. The wellness health training can be individually adapted to any age and sustainably strengthens the well-being. Therefore, it is especially helpful for older people who suffer from poor mobility and a high percentage of abdominal fat.

Nature as a model

The reason for the success of our Wellness Health Training is the combination of the proven Recabic training program, developed for people over 40 with musculoskeletal problems or who are overweight, with an innovative high-tech patent specifically designed for relaxation and recovery. The application with the patented spinal wellness device, which serves to relax the muscles, is followed by oscillating movement sequences with muscle tension. According to a law of nature, only a relaxed muscle can be properly tensed. Optimal relaxation promises the spinal wellness.our wellness health training is therefore suitable to help many people with problems due to lack of movement and / or overweight to become normal again, free of pain and tension, mobile and fit. In addition, there is a natural mood enhancement, which also promotes mental well-being.

Relaxation before tension is the recipe for success

1. relaxation: spine wellness

Even the first contact becomes an experience never experienced before. Most of them, when using the vertebral column wellness, spontaneously say, “It really feels good!” Switching off and total relaxation improves the recovery phase and strengthens both nerves and performance. The spine wellness device works with a light electrical muscle stimulation, which runs step by step in slow floating waves over the spine, which is perceived as particularly beneficial, relieving and relaxing. The slow waves of suspension stimulate blood circulation and can thus promote natural regeneration, resulting in a comprehensive sense of well-being.

2. tension: recabic training

Recabic is based on movements that require little strength. The main focus is on endurance and mobility, rather than strength and muscle development. The goals are speed, suppleness and the best possible blood circulation. In this way, problems caused by lack of movement should be eliminated and optimal mobility achieved. The results show that simple movements such as reaching, bending, stretching, squatting, swinging, etc. – combined with rhythmic flowing sequences and calm deep breathing – can lead to maximum fitness and health at any age. The great advantage is that training successes are still possible even with older people, which have not been known to this extent before.

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Lack of exercise and dietary errors are the downfall of many people today. The deficit already starts during school time when sitting for a long time in class or studying at home, in the free time in front of the PC or TV. According to health insurance companies, 70% of the population now complains of neck, back, hip, joint, leg and stress complaints as a result of constant mental and physical stress, long periods of standing or sitting, or one-sided physical strain.

Initially, mild tension is more or less suppressed – until serious excruciating tension pain occurs. Ignorance leads to the fact that those affected usually only have acute pain attacks treated and thereby fail to recognize that careless procrastination can lead to illness and serious late effects. The constant pain and tension are detrimental to the enjoyment of life and can significantly limit performance. Our wellness health training can provide a remedy here.

Often underestimated risk: stress and burnout

Stress is a normal adaptation of the body to external circumstances. Healthy stress stimulates and is good for the body. But tension must be followed by relaxation. If this is not the case or if stress becomes a permanent condition, it can become harmful.

Hectic and the associated unhealthy diet (fast food), but also professional and private problems are the biggest stress factors. The body reacts with tension and typical stress symptoms such as stomach pressure and upset, neck tension and headaches, nervous bladder, chronic constipation or diarrhea, sleep disorders, circulatory problems, easy irritability, drop in performance, increased consumption of tobacco, alcohol and medications.

While stomach cramps, which can lead to vomiting, are an immediate reaction of the body to stress and excitement, cramps of the intestine, bladder or other abdominal organs usually first manifest themselves through chronic functional disorders or inflammation.

Wellness health training can help rebalance the overworked nervous system by relaxing movement patterns.

Importance of the spine, joints and abdominal lymph for well-being

1. spine

Lack of exercise and overweight lead to adhesions and hardening in the connective and muscular tissues of the spine and are the biggest causes of pain, accounting for around 70%. Damage to intervertebral discs follows with only 20%. Permanent problems in the spine can also lead to organ dysfunction, because many nerves run through the spine to stimulate and control the organs. However, if the nerves are attacked by tense or hardened muscles or put under pressure by the intervertebral discs, the supply to the organs is impeded, which affects their function.

2. joints

Optimal joint function is crucially dependent on the condition of the capsular tissue. The joint fluid is formed in the capsular tissue, which serves as “lubrication” and at the same time nourishes the joint cartilage. The cartilage is supplied by the capsular apparatus. This capsule apparatus can best be compared to a sieve. Exercise and a healthy diet ensure that its fei-ne orifices are cleaned regularly. Obesity and lack of exercise prevent this. The consequences are loss of lubricating power and degradation of the articular cartilage up to total joint destruction.

3. abdominal lymph

The intestine is not only the digestive organ, but also the largest immune organ. The intestinal mucosa contains about 70% of the defense cells to protect the body from bacteria, viruses, metastases and other pathogens. Pathogens and foreign bodies are disposed of in the lymph nodes via the lymph. To keep the lymph nodes healthy and able to defend themselves, the body needs natural plant fats to cleanse the lymphatic ducts and nodes. Animal fats, on the other hand, are transported to the liver for disposal. The lymph has no drive of its own and is therefore dependent on support through a lot of movement. Too much animal fat and protein puts a strain on the abdominal lymph nodes and can weaken immune performance. Therefore, an excess of animal fats, sugar, white flour, alcohol and red meat is unhealthy for the intestines and the immune system.

Wellbeing and fitness should not be a question of age

Our wellness health training is designed for physical recovery, health care and prevention. Muscle groups are moved that are hardly used or only used on one side and thus become the cause of tension, restricted movement and pain problems.

Wellness health training must not be used for people with medical conditions. It is not a medical treatment, nor can it treat any disease or damage to health. If there are concerns, medical advice should be sought about participation in wellness health training.

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